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^-^ Heya everyone~ I'm Shiori, but I also go by Hisako sometimes. But placing that asides, Leisure Scans needs translators (Korean, Japanese, Chinese) and editors as desperately as you need to pass your courses that you hate but have to take for the "neccessity of life."

So please lend us your talents! As the name suggests, we translate at our own leisure, but 5 releases in a year is please help us out! I wish for LS to rise from it's slumps!!!!

Our list of Projects include:

Romansu ni Tsutaete
The Lover of a Devil
and more!!!!

Check out our site!

Leisure Scans Forum

Leisure Scan's Website

^-^ Please email me at [email protected] if you're interested, or PM me in LS's forum!

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