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Animes by Title / Monster
« on: December 03, 2006, 11:09:02 AM »

TITLE: Monster
GENRE: Seinen, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Detective fiction, Psychological

Manga Info:
Authored by:Naoki Urasawa
Publisher:Shogakukan (Japan), VIZ Media (US & Canada)
Serialized in:Big Comic Original
Original run:December, 1994 ? December, 2001
No. of volumes:18

Anime Info
Directed by:Masayuki Kojima
Network:NTV (Japan)
Original run:April 6, 2004 ? September 27, 2005
No. of episodes:74

So, has anyone seen this anime? I'm currently up to episode 16, and I have to say, this series is a gem! It may not be every person's cup of tea, though ? it's a psychological thriller, a thinking man's anime, and it's a series severely lacking in the usual beat-'em-up action found in most mainstream anime (eg. Naruto, Bleach). I'd liken it to Perfect Blue, except that that was an anime movie and thus was more intense (given the short screen time). The fact that Monster is 74 episodes long would be the first hurdle. But then, this is my type of anime. I love thrillers, especially when they're presented with the same complexity and subtlety as Monster. It has an incredibly deep and engrossing plot ? despite the lack of action, you'll be hovering on the edge of your seat waiting for the next twist. The characters? They're as complex as the story, and entirely believable.

"Monster" is set in Germany before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The anime follows the story of Dr. Senzo Tenma (Temna is his surname), a brilliant and successful neurosurgeon, who finds his life shattered by one of the worst set of serial murders to ever happen in Europe, murders that seemiingly have a tie to his own past. "Monster" is an anime targeted for a more mature audience, as is obvious from the very first episode. The depth and complexity of the story requires a lot of thinking on the part of the viewer. The story itself is a masterpiece by mangaka Naoki Urasawa, whose brilliant work was brought to life just as masterfully by Madhouse. This is one of the best aime I've ever seen ? even though I've only seen 16 episodes so far ? and I'm quite willing to finish the full 74 episodes. I'd recommend this series for anyone who likes their anime with a bit more maturity. =^^=

To finish this up, let quote a section from are review of "Monster" from THEM Anime Reviews:

While there probably has been many a great anime TV series before it, Madhouse and Masayuki Kojima?s adaptation of Monster is probably one of the very best. Ironically, much like the anime adaptation of another Urasawa work, Master Keaton, it?s the best show that no one watched.

With its sophisticated storytelling and complex plot weaving, memorable characters, godly production values and excellent pacing, it?s not hard to guess what my final rating for Monster will be.

Five Stars ? Dominic K Laeno

Recommended Audience: The show can be very disturbing most of the time, but when it comes to it, the show can also be downright brutal for what it shows and doesn?t show the viewer. Also, considering the fact that the story, even though it starts out simple enough, is incredibly meticulous, Monster is really only open to older and/or more astute audiences that have a lot of will and the patience to make it through that 27-hour long journey of twists, turns and non-linear exposition.

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