Please Save My Earth
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Title Please Save My Earth
Author HIWATARI Saki
Genre Drama  Fantasy  Romance  Sci-fi  Shoujo 
Status Complete
My Rating 10/10

Sakaguchi Arisu has dreams that she is another person living on the moon. The dream is so strange and real that Arisu can't stop thinking about it. She finds that some of her classmates are also having the same kind of dream. These dreams are actually flashbacks of their past lives as a team of scientists on the moon. The friends decide to search for the other members of the team and piece together what took place over ten years ago. Then they realize that the tragic events that happened on the moon is starting to repeat itself on earth.

One of the best manga I ever read! I love the style, the story and the characters... sometimes it seem to be more like a fiction... it has a really original story...
If you like love story and fantastic one... you must read it! ^^