Before Requesting for Mangas
« on: November 02, 2006, 02:22:34 AM »
1.  Look at the Manga Downloads Page and see if the manga you want is already uploaded

2. If it is there, but the latest chapters you are looking for is not, then that either means:

    a) We do not have it yet
    b) Please check Baka-Updates Manga for updates on new chapters
    c) Make sure that the manga scanlators have completed a volume of that manga

3. If any of the above rules do not apply to your manga, then request for it.

4. As LT Sapphire suggested:

When requesting, please post the TITLE of the Manga you want as the TOPIC!!

Edit: Please take note of the bright red message in this particular topic that seems to have been skimmed over. I'm also going through and locking topics that seem to absolved. Bug someone if it isn't.
-- L. T. Sapphire

Edit II: Re-upload requests are also posted here and not the support forums. I'm moving anything that's not done yet for now, later I just might delete them because I'm mean and nasty like that.
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