Manga Download Rules
« on: November 02, 2006, 02:19:35 AM »
Manga Requests is only available for people who have registered, logged on and posted at least 2 times in the forum! From now on, requests in the shoutbox will be ignored.

1. These files require WINRAR or WINZIP.

2. We only upload mangas that have completed volumes, not individual chapters.

3. Do not direct link to these manga downloads.

4. Do not use these mangas for profit or sell it at EBAY.

5. Do not hog the request forums.

6. Request for a manga one at a time.

7. No advertising!!!

8. Be patient and wait till we upload your manga requests.

9. Thank the manga scanlators too because without them we wouldn't be able to provide all of you with these wonderful manga scanlations.

10. Especially thank the mangaka for creating such enjoyable stories that takes up much of our time reading. Have fun!!!
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