Doing this for the first time
« on: September 09, 2010, 09:51:25 PM »
Hello!!! :hello:
So i have never done something like this before.. But i really like this website. i have known it and visited for years but never joined... i guess i dont know how it works..

... a little about myself...
I go to collage as of now. its my second year, i want to get a degree in business (which i find boring)
im really good when it comes to science and medicine. Drawing is something i do when im bored.. i dont really draw as much as i use to.
I would describe my personality to be a bit stubborn though i try to be open minded. I can say i take constructive criticism really well, i dont really make friends just acquaintances, i dont have a addictive or attached personality. i think i'm bold and strong minded.. i love to zero in on people's weakness or insecurities (i dont mean to.. i subconsciously do it)

I was born and raised in Honduras until i moved to US about 11 years ago.

Well i think i said all the interesting things about my personality :-[
So i hope i seem interesting!!