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To all Moderators and Uploaders for the site,

I am making a page in the main website so that each moderator and uploader will have their own page to introduce themselves to everyone. Please email the following info to me:

1) Your nickname
2) Your job (moderator, uploader, or both)
3) Your hobbies
4) Favorite Mangas (can list out genres if there are too many)
5) An avatar or picture that will be posted next to your info. Make it creative and max size is 300 by 300.
6) Your favorite motto or saying
7) Any comments you would like to add.

PS: I am redesigning the main site again and would like to add all of your infos as a Thank You for all of your help in making this site a success. Good job everyone and Keep doing what you can to make this site even bigger.  :cya:

(1) pauline5765
(2) both
(3) reading mangas, watching anime, surfing the net, playing online and offline games, listening to mp3 or any theme sng of an anime, etc.
(4) Mystery, Psychological, Adventure, Romance, Comedy, School Life, Sci-Fi, Drama, Fantasy, Shoujo, Shounen, Horror, Supernatural, Mecha ^_^
(5) Can I use the pic of gaara? 
(6) "You could be the missing piece to a giant puzzle"
(7)  Cheers for goldlilys' site!!!  :icon_cheers:

My G-mail address is being really... stupid. It refuses to do what I ask. So if anyone replied to me or e-mailed me I didn't get it. Whatever, just PM me. Grah. Here's my stuff earlier than expected because homework wasn't as heavy as I predicted.


Name: Leora Tallis Sapphire (1989-present)
Job: Moderator
Hobbies: Instrumental music, reading, listening to music, anime/manga, archery and eating
Favorite mangas: Shoujo and Fantasy
Favorite quote by some famous dead guy: "Reallity is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.' - Albert Einstein
Comments: My dream... to take over the world. No, really it is. The reality of it is though, I'm just going to have a career in forensic pathology. And y'know what? It has absolutely nothing to with my hobbies. Hoorah to spontane-ism!

I take signature requests!


Side notes: I am changing my e-mail so that you folks can actually reach me. Did you even get that e-mail I sent you Goldlilys? If not that's okay. I just have another reason to murder G-mail.

Oui, I see. Ok I will get that in to you immediately, I'm running late for something right now, but I'll post it later on today.

Anymore moderators and uploaders, please give me your information as soon as possible so I can update the site. The link in the About Us page has been empty this entire time.


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